Eating Disorders 2023 – 30th International Conference & European Chapter of Academy for Eating Disorders Meeting, October 20-21 2023


We are pleased to inform you that the registration phase for the next congress on 20.10.-21.10.2023 has already started! You can contact us by email to be pre-registered by us.

Keep in mind that the registration form below is still being processed, so registration is only possible by e-mail for the time being!




Sending mails about our congress

If you have consented to emails being sent, you will receive an invitation to the congress by email – if you would like future emails to be sent to the congress, please let us know by email and we will be happy to make a note of you.


However, if you receive emails from us although you have unsubscribed from receiving emails, we apologize and contact you via email. Because in the past it happened that emails to “old email addresses” were redirected to the “new email address” and in this case we ask you to contact us by phone on +43 512 57 60 26 so that we can determine this email address together with you can to stop the mails to you.





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Your registration is only valid after receipt of the congress fee and will only then be confirmed. Please note the deadline for bank transfer for reduced fees.





Speakers as well as chairpersons and exhibitors have to pay the participation fee. Your registration is only valid after receipt of the congress fee and will only be confirmed then, please note the deadline for transfer for reduced fees.