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Brochure "What you should know about Eating Disorders" by Günther Rathner (2003)

This brochure written by Univ.Prof. Günther Rathner, Ph.D. (first edition in 1989, 6th & revised edition in 2003) offers basic information about Eating Disorders and Obesity, social backgrounds and treatment guidelines. This compact brochure has successfully proved to be helpful for sufferers and their relatives in consultation centres, special departments of Eating Disorders and in clinics. Working in psychotherapeutic, psychological, medical and in all other clinical fields, we recommend that each patient and his relatives receive a brochure to focus the importance of the parental involvement and co-operation in the treatment ("family oriented approach").

Brochures, abstract books of the Congresses Eating Disorders 1999-2010 as well as other information material about Eating Disorders can be ordered by using the ordering form per fax or on our homepage Network Eating Disorders.

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Literature recommendations

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