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Getting Help

  • Basic information for adolescents & adult sufferers from Eating Disorders (information & motivation).
  • Counselling for sufferers and their relatives.
  • Support in finding adequate treatment opportunities.
  • Information about special treatment programmes and about self-help activities for relatives
  • Initiation of and support for self-help groups for sufferers and relatives.
  • Consultations for professionals working in the field of Eating Disorders.
  • Early detection, prevention and health promotion (lectures in schools, support of school projects, consultations for teachers, school doctors, etc…).
  • Library specialised in Eating Disorders, brochures and information material (free library use for members).
  • Annual Congress on Eating Disorders (every autumn); these annual conferences are the largest congresses on Eating Disorders in the German speaking world, all sessions are open to sufferers, carers/relatives and clinicians/experts.
  • Public relation work in the field of Eating Disorders.
  • Promotion of scientific research.