Eating Disorders Patient &
Carer Organisations

The Jubilee Congress on Eating Disorders in October 2010 in Alpbach, Austria celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Austrian Network Eating Disorders and the 10th anniversary of the Austrian Society on Eating Disorders (ASED).

This meeting included a panel discussion of five European Patient & Carer Organisations on Eating Disorders (ED) and gave an update of the 1st meeting of five European Patient & Carer Organisations, back in 2005, at the ECED Innsbruck 2005 meeting.

1st European Panel Discussion: ED Patient & Carer Organisations
ECED Innsbruck 2005

2nd European Panel Discussion: ED Patient & Carer Organisations
Jubilee Congress ED Alpbach 2010

Please find below an updated compilation (April 2011) of all Patient & Carer Organisations on Eating Disorders  we have found. Such a list may facilitate mutual contacts.

NOTE: Should there be any errors or omissions, please contact info@netzwerk-essstoerungen.at

The 2nd panel expressed its will to meet on a more regular basis in the future. As an annual meeting might be too ambitious now, a two-years intervall deemed to be viable. Thus, we would like to offer hosting the 3rd Panel Discussion of European ED Patient & Carer Organisations in 2012 in Alpbach. For that panel, it would be proper to include Patient & Carer Organisations from all over the world.

Karin Waldherr
Vienna, Austria

Günther Rathner
Innsbruck, Austria

European ED Patient & Carer Organisations


NED_Alpbach2010Austrian Network Eating Disorders (Netzwerk Essstörungen)
Homepage: www.netzwerk-essstoerungen.at/
Country: Austria
President: Günther Rathner
E-Mail: info@netzwerk-essstoerungen.at

Czech Republic

CZEDA_Alpbach2010The Czech Eating Disorders Patients & Carers Association
Homepage: ---
Country: Czech Republic
President: Hana Papezova
E-Mail: papezova.hana@vfn.cz


Landsforeningen mod spiseforstyrrelser (LMS)
Homepage: www.spiseforstyrrelser.dk/script/site/default.asp
President: Anne Minor Christensen
Country: Denmark
E-Mail: raadgivning@spiseforstyrrelser.dk


Bodywhys_Ireland_Alpbach2010Bodywhys – The Eating Disorder Association of Ireland
Homepage: www.bodywhys.ie
Country: Ireland
Chief Executive Officer:Jacinta Hastings
E-Mail: ceo@bodywhys.ie

E.D. Contact
Homepage: www.edcontact.com
Country: Ireland
President. ---
E-Mail: edcontact@eircom.net

The Netherlands

Stichting Anorexia en Bulimia Nervosa (SABN)
Homepage: www.sabn.nl
Country: Netherlands
President: Lucien Roelofs
E-Mail: voorzitter@sabn.nl


Associacao dos Familiares e Amigos dos Anorecticos e Bulímicos (AFAAB)
Homepage: www.afaab.org
Country: Portugal
President: ---
E-Mail: afaab@sapo.pt


Association against Anorexia and Bulimia (Asociación contra la anorexia y bulimia: ACAB)
Homepage: www.acab.org/
Country: Spain
President: Marta Voltas
E-Mail: acab@acab.org


The Swedish Eating Disorder Association (Swedish EDA)
Homepage: www.abkontakt.se
Country: Sweden
Chairman: Madeleine Mesterton
E-Mail: info@abkontakt.se

Kunskapscentrum för ätstörningar (KÄTS)
Homepage: www.atstorning.se/home.aspx
Country: Sweden
President: ---
E-Mail: info@atstorning.se

United Kingdom

Beating eating disorders B-EAT
Homepage: www.b-eat.co.uk
Country: United Kingdom
Chief Executive: Sue Ringwood
E-Mail: s.ringwood@b-eat.co.uk

Anorexia and Bulimia Care (ABC)
Homepage: www.anorexiabulimiacare.co.uk
Country: England
President: ---
E-Mail: mail@anorexiabulimiacare.co.uk

First Steps Derby
Homepage: www.firststepsderby.co.uk/
Country: England
Chief Executive Officer: Cathy Cleary
Chair: Corinne Gale
E-Mail: info@firststepsderby.co.uk

North East Eating Disorders Support, NEEDS Scotland
Homepage: www.needs-scotland.org/
Country: Scotland
President: Grainne Smith
E-Mail: anthea.robertson@nhs.net


Patient & Carer Organisations Worldwide


Acorn Support Group (supporting families/carers)
Homepage: www.acornsupportgroup.com/
Country: Australia
President: ---
E-Mail: Admin@AcornSupportGroup.com

Bridges Association Incorporated
Homepage: www.bridges.net.au
Country: Australia
President: ---
E-Mail: info@bridges.net.au

The Bronte Foundation
Homepage: www.brontecentre.com
Country: Australia
Executive Director: Jan Cullins
E-Mail: use contact form on the homepage

The butterfly foundation
Homepage: http://thebutterflyfoundation.org.au
Country: Australia
Director: Christine Morgan
E-Mail: info@thebutterflyfoundation.org.au

Eating Disorders Association of Queensland (EDA)
Homepage: www.eda.org.au
Country: Australia
Chairmen: ---
E-Mail: eda.inc@uq.net.au | admin@eda.org.au

Eating disorders foundation of Victoria
Homepage: www.eatingdisorders.org.au/
Country: Australia
President: Gill Ryan
E-Mail: edfv@eatingdisorders.org.au

Eating Disorders Association of South Australia (EDAsa)
Homepage: www.aceda.org.au
Country: Australia
Executive Officer: Patrick Bayly
E-Mail: ed@aceda.org.au

Isis - The Eating Issues Centre
Homepage: www.isis.org.au/
Country: Australia
Chair Person: Chris Guist
E-Mail: use contact form on their homepage


National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC)
Homepage: www.nedic.ca
Country: Canada / Toronto
Director: Merryl Bear M.Ed.
E-Mail: nedic@uhn.on.ca


Hong Kong Eating Disorders Association Limited (HEDA)
Homepage: www.heda-hk.org/chi/index.php
Country: China
President: ---
E-Mail: heda@heda-hk.org


Eating Disorders Network of Japan (EDNJ)
Homepage: http://ednetwork.jp/
Country: Japan
Representative: Kaeko Nomura
E-Mail: ed-network@hotmail.co.jp

New Zealand

Eating Difficulties Education Network (EDEN)
Homepage: www.eden.org.nz
Country: New Zealand
President: ---
E-Mail: info@eden.org.nz

Eating Disorders Association of New Zealand (EDANZ)
Homepage: www.ed.org.nz
Country: New Zealand
President: ---
E-Mail: info@ed.org.nz


National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD)
Homepage: www.anad.org
Country: USA
Executive Director: Laura Discipio
E Mail: laura.discipio@anad.organadhelp@anad.org

National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)
Homepage: www.nationaleatingdisorders.org
Country: USA
Chair: Robbie Munn, MA, MSW
E-Mail: info@NationalEatingDisorders.org

A Chance to Heal
Homepage: http://achancetoheal.org/
Country: USA
Executive Director: Carolyn Rammel
E-Mail: info@achancetoheal.org

Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness
Homepage: www.eatingdisorderinfo.org/ | www.allianceforeatingdisorders.com/
Country: USA
President: Joanna S, Kandel
E-Mail: info@eatingdisorderinfo.org | jkandel@allianceforeatingdisorders.com

Binge eating disorder association (BEDA)
Homepage: www.bedaonline.com
Country: USA
President: Trisha Souders Rubin
E-Mail: info@bedaonline.com

Dahlia Partnership
Homepage: www.dahliapartnership.org/
Country: USA
Founder: Kimberli E. McCallum, Judy Bruton
E-Mail: info@NationalEatingDisorders.org

Eating Disorders and Education Network (E.D.E.N.) Foundation
Homepage: www.edenclub.org/
Country: USA
Founder: Alice Grisham, Kathryn Fant, Kim Wiza
E-Mail: edenadmin@charter.net

The Eating Disorder Foundation
Homepage: www.eatingdisorderfoundation.org
Land: USA
Ken Weiner, M.D.
E-Mail: use contact form on their homepage

Eating Disorders Information Network
Homepage: www.myedin.org/
Country: USA
Board President: Melissa Hinchman
E-Mail: info@myedin.org

Eating Disorder Network (EDN) of Maryland
Homepage: www.ednmaryland.org/Welcome.html
Country: USA
Founding Director: Sharon R. Peterson, LCSW-C
E-Mail: ednmaryland@gmail.com

Eating Disorders Resource Center (EDRC)
Homepage: www.edrcsv.org/
Country: USA
Executive Director: Janice Bremis
E-Mail: info@edrcsv.org

Eating Disorders Treatment Help: A Toolkit
Homepage: www.edtreatmenthelp.org/
Country: USA
Presidnent: ---
E-Mail: use contact form on their homepage

The Elisa Project
Homepage: www.theelisaproject.org/
Country: USA
President: Todd Betanzos
E-Mail: use contact form on their homepage

Families Empowered And Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders (F.E.A.S.T)
Homepage: www.feast-ed.org/
Country: USA
President : Christopher Berka
E-Mail: christopher@FEAST-ED.org

Homepage: www.featherweightinc.com/
Country: USA
President: Jil Lucidi
E-Mail: feth1980@yahoo.com

Gail R. Schoenbach F.R.E.E.D. Foundation
Homepage: www.freedfoundation.org
Country: USA
Executive Director: Gail R. Schoenbach
E Mail: gail@freedfoundation.org

The National Association for Males With Eating Disorders (NAMED)
Homepage: http://namedinc.org/
Country: USA
Executive Director: Christopher Clark
E-Mail: Chris@NAMEDinc.org

Ophelia`s Place
Homepage: www.opheliasplace.org
Country: USA
Executive Director: Mary Ellen Clausen
E Mail: hope@opheliasplace.org